Managing multiple social media accounts made simple.

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Work faster, work smarter.

Community management and performance analysis can be a major time sink, but we're dedicated to help you save time and energy in your daily tasks.

Simple interface

You won't spend hours looking for the feature you need.


Your time is precious. We want to help you save some.


Share your content as easily on one page, a dozen or a hundred.

Your metrics

We let you choose which metrics and KPIs are important for you, and help you monitor them efficiently.

Swift evolution

Our tool is evolving fast. Get on board, and get access to new tools on a regular basis.


We're there for you. We listen to your issues and prioritize development according to our customers' needs.

There's nothing like trying it to see how it fits your needs.


Simple and practical tools

Let us introduce you to some of the modules at the core of Sentinel:


Share content easily on a large number of Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, with the possibility of fine-tuning posts and schedules for each account.
Group your accounts and pages to make the process even faster, and create custom merge tags to adapt the post to each page with its specific details (city, address, phone number, etc).

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Social Inbox

Manage all of your engagement in one single feed. Filter out all the unnecessary noise (comments with only emojis, or only a user tag), so that you can focus on comments and messages that matter.
Regroup all of your interactions from all platforms in one single feed, and stop wasting time clicking and going through notifications on multiple pages and accounts manually.

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Visualize social posts across all your pages and accounts, filtered and ordered with your custom rules and triggers.
Compare the performance of different pages, different types of content or even different post authors.

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